How to create robots.txt file Shopify

What Is The Shopify Robots.txt?

The Shopify robots.txt is a file instructing search engines on what URLs they can crawl on your site. This describes the purpose of the Shopify robots.txt file, which is to guide search engines on which URLs they are allowed to crawl on a website. The file is created using robots.txt.liquid file and is commonly used to prevent search engines from crawling low-quality pages.

How to create robots.txt file Shopify


  • Login to Your Shopify Account
  • In Shopify admin, click Settings > Apps and sales channels.
  • From the sales channels page, click Online store.
  • Click Open sales channel.
  • Click Themes.
  • Click Actions, and then click Edit Code.
  • Navigate to Add a new template
How to create robots.txt file Shopify
  • Click Create a template.
  • Once you have found robots.txt.option, click on it
image 27
  • Click on Done once you’ve selected the option
image 28
image 29

Done! Your Robots.txt File has been created for your Shopify Store

Make the changes that you want to make to the default template. For more information on liquid variables and common use cases, refer to Shopify’s Developer page Customize robots.txt.liquid.

Save changes to the robots.txt.liquid file in your published theme.

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What Does Shopify’s Default Robots.txt Block?

Robots.txt file helps you to block search engines from crawling page content that might reduce your website SEO by stealing Search Engine ranking. Or to Stop indexing those pages which are not necessary to rank on search engines like Filter pages or Variation page

How we can check our Robots.txt file in Shopify

To check Your store robots.txt file you just simply need to add /robots.txt after the domain like

image 30

How to Submit your Shopify Robots.txt file in Google Search Console?

There is a very easy step to submit your updated robots.txt file in the Search console Here are the Steps.

Click on the Below url

Click On Select Property.

image 31

You will see something like this in your Robots.txt file

image 32

Click On Submit Button Below

image 33

Then You will receive a confirmation message if the File has been submitted successfully

image 34

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