Famous Hashtags for #Halloween on Instagram, Twitter

Instagram is not only a place for posting your personal pictures, rather you can take advantage of many people out there using Instagram who can see your product. This way you can advertise for free to millions of users.

Also not only for business, but you may also use Instagram for running campaigns, hosting and spreading information about various events like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and many more. They can also be used for blogging purposes as many people like to read the content instead of listening to videos.

  • People use hashtags for the purpose of getting their content to reach out to maximum people and be noticed by many people out there. They are usually written at the bottom of every post.
  • Especially at the time of such events be it any special day, occasion or festival, these hashtags trend on Instagram with everyone using them and posting their pictures.
  • Also to increase their followers and let maximum people know about their page, hashtags are used.
  • Pages could be either personal, business purposes, blogs or information sharing. Hashtags are necessary for growth on Instagram.
Whenever Halloween month is approaching people to use these Famous Hashtags for Halloween:-
#halloweencoming #welcomehalloween #thrillerhalloween #thrillatnight 
#thisisthriller #midnightfun #pumpkinspirit #feelingspooky #trickhalloween 
#hangingtreat #loveatfirstbite 

This is just the starting because these all hashtags are used a month before and you may clearly see how important Halloween is to people. Anyways this was a colder part, now when Halloween is not far away and just a week ahead people start posting up regularly using these below-mentioned hashtags.

#monsterinpumpkin #pumpkinwitch #treatwithacandy #ghostlymash 
#monstersquad #halloweenselfie #witchtimeoftheyear #halloweenboos 
#creepmonster #realmakeup #halloweenpost #instawitch #happyhalloween



When most of people fill their social platforms with continuous Halloween posts be it Instagram, LinkedIn, you must not do it extensively which means that if you are running a business and wishing your viewers a happy Halloween then a simple post with Halloween photo, your brand name in the comments along with 2 or 3 hashtags are more popular nowadays because these type of short posts get a comparatively bigger audience engagement because of the simplicity and clarity.


Every year there are various trends coming up which become popular among the users, so make sure to follow the trend as to make your post impressive and engaging. If you do not follow the trend and do not use hashtags your reach would be less as compared to trendsetters. You can also use your custom hashtags if interested. If you want to know the most popular hashtags on your own then in that case you can search for your term on Instagram itself. The hashtag which has the highest number of posts tells you that this hashtag has been used a maximum number of times and it is more popular.


Sometimes it is seen that people who create their custom hashtags get popular in less time and that too on various platforms because of the liking of people. Whenever many people use the same hashtag it automatically reaches to a larger audience and your post visibility gets a boost.


Also, you can use different themes to attract attention and make your post stand out from the rest. It could be as simple as writing happy Halloween in your post itself instead of the comments section. Using different color backgrounds, symmetric backgrounds, shapes can also be a good option.


Now here comes the best part which could engage a large audience on your post. You can start a contest on your page and let different people participate in your contest. The contest could be anything of your choice. Keep a bet on people of using your custom-made hashtag and posting something on their profile. This could be a great way of making your hashtag popular because people will participate in the contest. At the end, you may keep the prizes for winners. This is what you can do during Halloween time.

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