How to fix Structured data Items are invalid field Pubdate

What is Pubdate in Schema?

Pubdate in Schema is an attribute that is used to indicate when a particular item was published. This includes both the date and time of publication. This attribute can be used to provide more information about the item, such as when it was last updated, or when it was first published.

What is the importance of Pubdate in Schema?

Pubdate is an important field in Schema that is used to indicate the date and time of when a piece of content was published. This helps search engines better understand and index the content and provide a timeline for visitors to refer to. Additionally, it is important for helping to establish a content’s freshness, which is a factor in determining its relevance and ranking in search engine results.

How to fix Structured data Items are invalid field Pubdate

image 2

1. Log into your Shopify store and go to the Themes page. 

2. Select the theme you wish to edit from the list of available themes. 

3. Click the Actions dropdown menu, and select Edit Code. 

4. Select the main-artilce.liquid to edit.

image 1

5. After selecting the file search for Pubdate by using the find button or press (Ctrl + F)

6. Remove the pubdate from “dateCreated pubdate datePublished”

7. Click the Save button to save your changes. 

8. After removing the text rerun the test in Rich Result Test

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Done! Issue Resolved

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