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How to Fix Unparsable Structured Data in Shopify

What is Unparsable Structured Data in Google Search Console?

Structured data markup on a web page that the Google search engine bots are unable to parse or comprehend is referred to as “unparsable structured data” in Google Search Console. Code that is added to a web page to give search engines more information about the content, such as product details, reviews, ratings, and more, is known as structured data.

A web page’s performance in search results may suffer if Google’s bots are unable to interpret the additional information offered by the markup because they cannot parse the structured data on the page.

Unparsable structured data can occur for a number of reasons, such as coding mistakes, the use of markup types that are not supported, or conflicts with other structured data on the page.

Webmasters can increase a page’s visibility and ranking in search results by identifying problems with its structured data and receiving advice on how to address them with the aid of Google Search Console.

image 6
  • Open your Google Search Console 
  • Click on the pages option which appears on the left side in the Google search console
    Click on The Issues of Duplicate Unique Property 
  • Select any one URL that you want to resolve first
  • After clicking the URL, press inspect option¬†
image 5

Analyze the issue from where it appears on your store

For example: Based on the screenshot above, it appears that the schema issue is occurring on Logo.
So, basically, we need to fix this issue that is coming up on Logo and that is the Schema issue

This website can be used to double-check whether the problem is actually occurring in your store.

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Check the Schema Markup validator

Check Rich Results Testing Tool

After analyzing the issue actually occurs on your website

  • Open your Shopify Dashboard
  • Click on the online store and select the theme option which appears on the left side of the dashboard
  • And Then choose edit code, find the class that needs to be modified
image 4
  • The issue is coming from the header.liquid file after finding the class
image 3
  • Following the removal of the code, the issue has been resolved as shown in the below image
image 2
  • After resolving the issue you have to add it for validation and it will take a few days
image 1

Note- You can recheck the issue with the same sites after resolving the issue.

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