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The H1 tag is an important HTML element used to define the main heading or title of a web page. From an SEO perspective, the H1 tag carries a significant weight in determining the relevancy and topic of the page to search engines.

Here is a full guide that will help you to remove H1 from Logo.

(Before working on the live theme please make a duplicate copy and then try if it works well then try on the live theme)

1- Open Shopify Dashboard Select your Website name then Click on themes

2- Click on Online Store Select Action

3- Click on Edit Code

4- Search for header.liquid or header-logo-block.liquid

image 7

5- You can find your logo in header.liquid or header-logo-block.liquid

6- Press Ctrl+F and search h1, h2 or site-header__logo 

7- In the below image you can see H1 is implemented in the logo so you can replace it with H2 or remove Heading from it.

image 8

8- To Add H2 replace h1 With h2 or h3. If you do not want any heading then add a div

For ex:-

From this :- <h1 class=”visually-hidden”>{{ }}</h1>

To :-    <div class=”visually-hidden”>{{ }}</div>


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